Sunday, June 07, 2009

Why Do I Get This Way?

Bailey with his Responsibility Award

Matthew with the sticker he got for the reading club
Bailey with his sticker he got for the reading club

I have two really hard times every year that started when the boys started preschool. The days leading to and including the first day of the school year and the days leading to and including the last day of the school year. My torture isn't over yet either since tomorrow is the last day of school. The boys have been counting down for over a week now and as much as I can't wait to be able to sleep in on my days off and not have to worry about packing lunches, and getting everything ready for back backs I get a little shall we say "nutty" thinking about my boys completing yet another year of school.

After tomorrow I can't say I am the mom of 2nd graders. I will be saying my boys are 3rd graders. How does this happen? How does a full school year end in the blink of an eye? I think this year may be my hardest yet in letting go. We have been so fortunate to have awesome teachers for both boys this year.

Bailey was in a class that job shared and ended up being a total of three teachers because of maternity leave for both of his teachers. He is such an easy going child that none of this ever bothered him. All three of them were great teachers but especially the one he had for the second half of the year. When a teacher calls you at home to tell you how much she enjoys your child nothing can take you off that cloud.

Matthew's teacher was a "sub" filling in for another teacher's maternity leave for just the first half of the year. We were so excited when said teacher decided to take the rest of the year off. I never met Mrs. B but Mrs K was such an awesome teacher after having a not so good experience with his 1st grade teacher. Mrs. K will always be someone who I will remember with nothing but respect and admiration. She really cared about all the students and especially Matthew. She was such an advocate for him and I will always be grateful. I am excited that although she hasn't been offered a permanent position yet she will be back for another maternity leave next fall. Unfortunately its in 4th grade but we'll take the fact that she will at least be in the building.

Before bed tonight both boys came downstairs a little misty eyed saying they were sad that tomorrow was the last day of school. Matthew broke down in true tears saying he's going to miss Mrs K. and not seeing her everyday. This proves once again what an awesome woman she really is. She has touched him as much as she has touched me.

Another pivotal person I am grateful for this school year is the boys' speech teacher. I can not put into words what this woman has done for both their actual speech issues but also for their spirits. They are soooo excited on speech days. When we see her outside after school both boys have to share info about their day to her. She too has been such an advocate for Matthew this year. Mrs. A is another reason why I love the school the boys go to.

Friday Bailey got an award for Responsibility and both boys were honored for turning in their reading logs every week of the school year. I know how lucky I am to have such good students.

So Bailey and Matthew, congrats on another year completed! You are growing up so fast and get smarter every time I turn around. Lets have a great summer and keep working on your reading and writing so we can impress those 3rd grade teachers!

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Karmen and Greg said...

Congratulations to Matthew & Bailey! Way to go guys! I think it's awesome that God has placed good role models and strong influences in your kids lives. Nice post : )